Wave Volleyball Club Coaches and Staff

Coach Dave

Club Director
and Coach:
Dave Schatzmann

Short Bio:
Dave Schatzmann is the father of three, and husband of Patti for over 30 years. He has coached NOAH Volleyball, serving as the head coach of the JV team for five years. His daughters, Amy and Amanda, played for NOAH Volleyball. Amy played for Palm Beach Atlantic University for 4 years and graduated in 2018. Her team lost in the championship match of the NCAA D2 elite 8, in 2015!

It had been a vision of Dave's to offer a Christ-centered, family-friendly and affordable option of club volleyball for the NOAH Home School players, and to create a club that would be competitive in Tulsa. The dream came true, as Wave Volleyball Club was founded in 2014! Now, we exist to provide club volleyball for many, who otherwise, may not be able to even afford the "standard" club volleyball options outside of Wave.

Dave is a past volleyball official with the GCVOA in Tulsa, and officiated Tulsa area Junior High and High School matches.

Coach Mike

Head Coach 15 Smack:
Mike Leatherland

Short Bio:
Coach Mike is entering his 6th year of working with the Wave Volleyball program. He joined the program based on his alignment with Wave's core values. Since taking control of the Wave 15 Smack team three years ago his teams have continually finished top 10 in the state.

Mike's passion for volleyball began in high school while playing in area leagues but that passion has since transitioned towards coaching. He is currently a volunteer assistant with the Booker T. Washington Volleyball program after serving in the NOAH Volleyball program for 10 years. Within the NOAH program, he was the varsity head coach from 2014-2016. During those three years, the program excelled including top 5 finishes in the national homeschool tournament.

Mike has experience coaching and training players that have transitioned to playing collegiately for D1, DII, and NAIA programs. As a coach he targets technique and getting players to see and play the game beyond what they have previously experienced.

During the fall, Mike typically enjoys watching his daughter compete on the Oklahoma Baptist University volleyball team.

Coach Courtney

Head Coach 17 Smack:
Courtney Murphy

Short Bio:
I was born and raised in Tulsa, and graduated from Union High School. I am 24, and have been playing volleyball since I was about 11-12 years old.

After Union I went on to play for a small Catholic University on a scholarship, which was in Shawnee, OK. Unfortunately this school closed down right after my senior season of volleyball, and I transferred to Oklahoma Wesleyan University for my last semester to complete my degree. I have a Bachelors in Elementary Education, and this year I am teaching 1st grade at College Bound Academy Charter School here in East Tulsa.

This is my second season coaching for Wave, and last year I was the coach for 16 Smack. During school ball season I was coaching for Mingo Valley Christian School for the JV/ Varsity teams which I was able to grow more as a coach. I am excited to get this new club season started with the 17 Smack team, and we will continue to pray for good health and safety this year.

Coach Scott

Head Coach 16 Smack:
Scott Reeves

Short Bio:
Hello!! My name is Scott Reeves. I am currently the Junior Varsity head coach for NOAH and have coached with NOAH for the last 3 seasons. This is my second year as a coach with the Wave Volleyball program. I have coached multiple sports over the last 20 years including football, basketball, soccer, and volleyball.

I am confident many of the lessons I have learned in life have been molded by things I was taught by my coaches growing up. I hope to have that same influence on the players that I coach. To learn the value of courage, persistence, teamwork and to believe in yourself as a player both individually and collectively.

My wife Charlee and I have four children. My daughter Raegan currently plays for NOAH and has played three seasons with Wave Volleyball

I believe in the vision of Wave Volleyball and its positive impact on the community and the club volleyball season in the Tulsa area.

Coach Deanna

Head Coach 15 White:
Deanna Bloomer

Short Bio:
Coach Deanna has coached for several years. Her first few years of coaching was in cheer where her daughters who were young and wanted to cheer for their older brother who played little league football. Though she enjoyed coaching these young ladies in cheer, her dream was to coach volleyball. Her volleyball coaching career started in Colorado as head coach of the 9th grade team and assistant of the JV and Varsity teams. Coach Deanna moved to Oklahoma in June 2019 and was offered a coaching position at Jenks Middle School. Currently during the fall seasons, she coaches the 8th grade and just finished her second year with Jenks.

Coach Deanna was born and raised in San Diego where she played volleyball in high school. Also, she spent a lot of time playing beach volleyball and watching matches along the coastline of Southern California. After high school she moved on to play volleyball at Southwestern Baptist College in Arizona (now called Arizona Christian University).

She enjoys watching her daughters play volleyball or playing with them any time she has the opporunity!

Coach Peter

Head Coach 14 Smack:
Peter Velet

Short Bio:
My name is Peter Velet. I was born and raised in Russia, but found my home to be here, in the USA. God has extremely blessed me with my wife, Arina. About 2 years ago, both of us were blessed with a beautiful baby boy--Girson.

I came in contact with a game of volleyball in my early teens and, right away, I fell in love with the sport. When I started playing volleyball, I had no guidance on how to develop my skills or how to improve my effectiveness and performance on the court, but that didn't stop me from playing volleyball.

In my early 20s, I met one of the best coaches in Tulsa area--Inna Felkins--who had a plethora of knowledge and experience in how to successfully guide and develop a player on and off the volleyball court. For the next few years I absorbed her knowledge of the game like a sponge, as I coached along her side at Green County Volleyball Club and Tulsa Volleyball Academy. Over the years, the importance of proper technique and body mechanics of volleyball were embedded in me and are now a significant part of my game.

I'm looking forward to sharing my knowledge and experience, as well as to continue my own journey of learning. Because, if one is not learning, he/she is not improving!

Note from Dave: Peter was one of my daughter's assistant coaches during her club years, and I have observed Peter's dedication and commitment to helping athletes with kindness and devotion!

Coach Audrey

Co-Coach 14 White:
Audrey Ayres

Short Bio:
Audrey Ayres moved to Tulsa just over 1 year ago. Audrey grew up in Stillwater, OK and attended Oklahoma State University where she graduated in 2019 with a Bachelors in Child Family Services. Audrey now works for the Oklahoma Department of Human Services and specifically in the Foster Care and Adoptions Unit.

Audrey started playing volleyball when she was 12 years old and played all through school and her club journey was through Stillwater Volleyball Club. Audrey was involved in intramurals at OSU and continued to play recreationally. Audrey has a good work ethic and also loves to encourage others to be their best.

Audrey is excited for this upcoming season and for the opportunity to be a mentor and to instill values of integrity, teamwork and good sportsmanship. Audrey is looking forward to helping players improve on their volleyball skills while also keeping Christ in the center.

Coach Bethany

Co-Coach 14 White:
Bethany Donnegan

Short Bio:
Bethany Donegan was the head coach for NOAH’s 14u team for two years. She played volleyball with NOAH for 5 years and played for Wave Volleyball Club for 2 years.

Bethany coached our 13 Smack team last season and will be a Practice Coach during this season, as she focuses on her education.

She is currently a student at TCC and is in the nursing program.

Coach Lauren

Co-Coach 13 Smack:
Lauren Rapp

Short Bio:
My name is Lauren Rapp, I am 20 years old, and I am from West Palm Beach, Florida. I am a junior at Oral Roberts University, studying International Relations, Journalism, and Mandarin Chinese.

I have six years of volleyball experience, including five years of playing club volleyball and four years of high school varsity. I was able to be a part of some big tournaments, including nationals. In my last year playing, my team was ranked number 9 in the state of Florida. Volleyball is one of my biggest passions, and I am excited to be a coach alongside Maddy McMurray!

I am looking forward to helping all the girls excel in their volleyball skills! It is going to be a great season!

Coach Maddy

Co-Coach 13 Smack:
Maddy McMurray

Short Bio:
My name is Madelyn McMurray and I am a junior at Oral Roberts University, seeking a degree in Health and Exercise Science.

I played volleyball for seven years at Lincoln Christian School (here in Tulsa), and participated in club volleyball each off-season. I was an All-State player and went to USAV Nationals in 2015 to compete.

I am so excited for the opportunity to coach the 13s this year, and give back for all my years of being coached.

Coach Molly

Practice Coach:
Molly Diatte

Short Bio:
My name is Molly Diatte and I am currently a Junior attending Oral Roberts University, double majoring in Psychology and education. I have a huge passion for volleyball and am very excited to be a coach this upcoming season!

I played volleyball for 8 years and had the opportunity to play at ORU, but decided not to play due to a few injuries I had. Despite this, I am thrilled to step back on the court as a coach this upcoming season.

My desire is to lead a team that shows the love of Christ both on and off the court. I believe volleyball is a great way to develop our characters both physically and spiritually. This will be my second year coaching with Wave and I am looking forward to helping each and every player excel.

Coach Gette

Practice Coach:
Gette Morris

Short Bio:
Gette is an assistant coach at Booker T. Washington High School. She brings an excitement and knowledge of the game to our teams!

Coach Haley

Practice Coach:
Haley Stolz

Short Bio:
My name is Haley Stolz. I have played volleyball for 5 years with NOAH. I played for clubs in the off season and played for Wave my last two years of high school.

I have lived in Tulsa all my life and am a junior at Oral Roberts University. I am currently studying Christian Caregiving and Counseling.

I am so excited to transition from playing on Wave to being a practice coach! I am ready for an amazing season! (Note from Dave: Haley was on our FIRST Wave team! She's got a huge heart for kids and we are excited she's going to now help Wave grow!)

Coach Olivia

Practice Coach:
Olivia Stenzel

Short Bio:
My name is Olivia Stenzel, currently a Junior at Oral Roberts University, studying Health and Exercise Science with a focus on Exercise Specialist.

I have played volleyball for seven years at Victory Christian School (in Tulsa) and played on different competitive club teams in Tulsa! I had the amazing opportunity to win State in 2018 and was honored as the VIP of the state tournament. I love volleyball. It really grew me in different ways and I love being part of another young girls growth!

I am so excited to be working with Wave as a practice coach this year and hopefully implementing everything that I have learned over the years!