Wave Volleyball Club Coaches and Staff

Coach Marysia

Head Coach 12 Tsunami:
Marysia Frederick

Short Bio:
My name is Marysia Frederick, I grew up in the Tulsa area and work as a dental assistant at a pediatric dental office.

I played volleyball for 7 years with club as well as school ball. This will be my Fifth year coaching for Wave volleyball! As I coach I love that I get to be involved in the growth of the girls confidence, skills, knowledge, and relationships that all improve during a season.

I am so excited and thankful to have another opportunity to coach once again and witness a new team grow in so many areas!

Coach Alicia

Head Coach 13 Tsunami
Practice Coach TBA:
Alicia Bloomer

Short Bio:
My volleyball career started the summer after my eighth-grade year as I attended clinics at our local high school. Though I would practice and run some drills with my mom as she coached her 9th grade team, this was my first true experience with the sport.

We lived in Colorado at the time and Colorado schools did not have competitive middle school sports. When I moved to Tulsa my freshman year, I was a tad bit behind. I decided right away that I was going to work hard and nonstop to learn and improve my game. Any chance I had, I went to open clinics, and practices with our school team, and learned one on one with any coach that would take the time to teach me.

I have now been playing for a little over 4 years and I continue to grow and learn and take in all I can of volleyball. My mom jokes that I eat, sleep, breathe volleyball.

I received a scholarship offer to play at the collegiate level and I am excited to see what God has instore for me with volleyball. God has blessed me in this sport, meeting many friends, and growing as a player and person.

This will be my second season with Wave. I will be the head coach for the 13 Tsunami. Last season I was a practice coach and coached a long side Coach Brittany Christensen with the 13 Smack whom finished in the top ten in the state and with Coach Peter Velet with the 14 Smack. I am so excited to be able to encourage and help these young ladies grow in the game that I love so much.

Coach Brittany

Head Coach 14 Tsunami &
Practice Coach TBA:
Brittany Christensen

Short Bio:
My name is Brittany Christensen. I was born and raised in Tulsa, OK, and am married to my husband Matt for 7 years. We have 2 daughters; Sloane (6) and Tallulah (4).

I have played volleyball since I was 9-10 years old, starting in the catholic school league. I immediately knew the volleyball court was my second home and jumped into Club playing for a few organizations throughout Tulsa, attending nationals multiple times. My senior year I had to make the hard decision to step away from volleyball after suffering multiple breaks in my foot. In college, intramurals gave me the opportunity to remain involved in the game.

I consider myself to be a whole body coach, focusing on the athletes in my care to advocate for themselves, navigating and regulating emotions, as well as teaching about sportsmanship while learning how to compete at a high level!

2014:6th grade head coach at Cascia Hall Middle School
2015: Head Coach for both 7th grade teams at Cascia Hall
2021: Head coach of Waves first 12’s Smack team taking them to the top third in the state.
Current: Head coach at Carver Middle school for both our 7th and 8th grade programs.

I look forward to MAKING BIG WAVES this season with the 13’s Smack team!

Coach Joy

Head Coach - 14 Tide:
Joy Adams

Short Bio:
Coach Adams is in her 24 year of teaching and her 8th year at Bixby. In my time at Bixby I have taught Physical Education, Athletic Performance, Health, and coached both at the middle school and the 9th grade level.

She has been competing in sports (including soccer, volleyball, and dance - yes dance) at many levels starting in elementary; continuing through adulthood. She started coaching volleyball while teaching for Tulsa Public Schools and then onto coaching at Bixby. She has coach two year for a different local club, and this will be her second year as a head coach for Wave.

When not coaching and teaching you can find her wandering her land and petting a cow or two.

Coach Adams is excited for an opportunity to help your player build their skills to help them succeed in volleyball.

Coach Peter

Co-Club Director and Head Coach 15 Tsunami:
Peter Velet

Short Bio:
Wave Volleyball Club has been my home for five years now, where the Lord has blessed me with an opportunity to share the love and passion for the game with others. Beginning the 2023-2024 season, I will be assuming a Co-Club Director role alongside Deanna Bloomer, who will be handling many of the Administrative functions of the club. I will perform numerous of the Operations functions at Wave.

Now a bit about myself. My name is Peter Velet, I'm a believer and a follower of Jesus Christ! I was born and raised in a Northern part of Russia, but found my home to be, here, in the United States of America. I have lived in Tulsa since 2001. The Lord has blessed me with a beautiful wife, Arina, and a son, Girson, who is now five.

How did I come about a sport like volleyball? Well... I came in contact with volleyball in my early teens. Right away, I fell in love with the sport. When I started playing volleyball, I had no guidance on how to develop my skills or how to improve my performance on the court, but that didn't stop me from playing.

In my early 20s I had the opportunity and the honor to work alongside of one of the best coaches in Tulsa area--Inna Felkins--who had a plethora of knowledge and experience in how to successfully guide and develop a player on and off the volleyball court. For the next several years, I have been absorbing her knowledge of the game like a sponge, as I coached alongside her, at Green County Volleyball Club and Tulsa Volleyball Academy. Over the years, the importance of proper technique and body mechanics of volleyball were embedded in me and are now a significant part of my coaching of the game.

I'm looking forward to sharing my knowledge and experience, as well as to continue my own journey of learning. Because, if one is not learning, he/she is not improving!

Coach Deanna

Co-Club Director and Head Coach 15 Tide
Deanna Bloomer

Short Bio:
My name is Deanna Bloomer. I have been coaching for many years. My coaching career started when my daughters were young and wanted to cheer for their older brother who played little league football. Though I did not know much about cheer, I wanted to be able to spend time with my daughters and see my boys on the field at the same time. As much as I enjoyed coaching these young ladies in cheer, my dream was to coach volleyball. My volleyball coaching career started in Colorado as head coach of a 9th grade team and assistant of the JV and Varsity teams. I moved to Oklahoma in June 2019 and was offered a coaching position at Jenks Middle School where my 8-2’s team won 1st in the Nationals Frontier Conference finals my first year there. I continued to coach for Jenks for several more years after that.

This will be my 4th season with Wave Volleyball. My first year, I was the 15-White coach, and our team took 3rd place in the Club Division at Regionals. Last season I coached 14-White and 17 Smack. I have also coached 16 Smack.

I was born and raised in San Diego where I played volleyball in high school. Also, I spent a lot of time playing beach volleyball and watching matches along the coastline of Southern California. After high school I moved on to play volleyball at Southwestern Baptist College in Arizona.

Just as I have love for volleyball, my daughters have found that same love for the game. In my spare time I also enjoy watching them play volleyball or playing with them any time I have the opportunity.

I am looking forward to a wonderful season. I am excited to get to know these young ladies. I am looking forward to watching each of these players grow in their own way and see how I can grow as there is always room for growth personally skillfully and spiritually.

Coach Alex

Head Coach 16 Tsunami:
Alex Arjay

Short Bio: (Coming Soon)
My name is Alex Arjay. I am 27 and I am currently working as a physical therapist assistant for Saint Francis. I have always loved being active and helping people.

I was homeschooled throughout all my schooling and played volleyball for NOAH and Fusion Volleyball Club.

In my free time, I play sand and indoor volleyball for leagues in and around Tulsa. I go snowboarding, play pickleball, golf or do anything active my friends want to do.

Director's Note: Alex was one of the FIRST coaches when Wave started, 9 years ago!

Coach Courtney

Head Coach 17 Tsunami:
Courtney Yancey

Short Bio:
I was born and raised in Tulsa, and graduated from Union High School. I am 25, and have been playing volleyball since I was about 11-12 years old.

After Union I went on to play for a small Catholic University on a scholarship, which was in Shawnee, OK. Unfortunately this school closed down right after my senior season of volleyball, and I transferred to Oklahoma Wesleyan University for my last semester to complete my degree. I have a Bachelors in Elementary Education, and this year I am teaching 2nd grade at College Bound Academy Charter School here in East Tulsa.

This is my fourth season coaching for Wave, and last year I was the coach for 15 Smack, and the year before, 17 Smack. I have been the Head Coach for 3 years for Mingo Valley Christian School for the JV/ Varsity teams, which has enabled me to grow more as a coach. I am excited to get this new club season started with the 16 Smack team, and we will continue to pray for good health and safety this year.

Coach Bethany

Practice Coach 12 Tsunami:
Bethany Coleman

Short Bio:
Hi my name is Bethany Coleman. I have grown up in the Tulsa area and am currently working as a nurse.

I have played volleyball for 5 years (2 of those years I played for Wave). I have been coaching volleyball for the past 7 years. I took a break from coaching with wave the past two seasons but am thrilled to be back helping coach the 12u girls.

I love getting to help the girls grow in their confidence, ability, and love for the game. I am excited to see what this season holds!

Coach Audrey

Practice Coach - TBA:
Audrey Ayres

Short Bio:
Audrey Ayres moved to Tulsa just over 3 years ago. Audrey grew up in Stillwater, OK and attended Oklahoma State University where she graduated in 2019 with a Bachelors in Child Family Services. Audrey now works for the Oklahoma Department of Human Services and specifically in the Foster Care and Adoptions Unit.

Audrey started playing volleyball when she was 12 years old and played all through school and her club journey was through Stillwater Volleyball Club. Audrey was involved in intramurals at OSU and continued to play recreationally. Audrey has a good work ethic and also loves to encourage others to be their best.

Now in her third year as a Wave Coach, Audrey is excited for this upcoming season and for the opportunity to be a mentor and to instil values of integrity, teamwork and good sportsmanship. Audrey is looking forward to helping players improve on their volleyball skills while also keeping Christ in the center.

Coach TBA

Practice Coach - TBA:
Hannah Karnes

Short Bio:
My name is Hannah and I’ve grown up in Tulsa, OK. I graduated from Victory Christian School and am currently a senior nursing student at Oral Roberts University. I plan to be a pediatric oncology nurse after graduation but volleyball is a HUGE side hobby in my life!

I started playing volleyball when I was 11 and then it stuck. I played club starting at 12 years old. Club volleyball was how I met some of my best friends and it truly formed me into the person I am today. I tried all the clubs growing up from 12-17 and what I loved about Wave was the coaches truly cared about each player more than the game. I love the heart behind Wave and that so many coaches learn exactly how each player needs to be coached.

Last year I was a practice coach for one of the 15’s team with Wave and loved it. I am so excited for this season and all the memories that will be made and the growth the girls are going to have on the court and off.

Coach TBA

Practice Coach - TBA:
Jalen Goins

Short Bio:
Hello. My name is Jalen Goins.

I recently graduated high school. I am very excited to get to be a part of the wave volleyball program this coming season. It is such a huge opportunity for me to share my knowledge of the game.

I have played 10 years of school and club volleyball. I have played most positions on the court. My main position was setter. I have always enjoyed getting to help girls grow in the sport. I am looking forward to getting to know each player.