Wave Volleyball Club Coaches and Staff

Coach Dave

Club Director
and Coach:
Dave Schatzmann

Short Bio:
Dave Schatzmann is the father of three, and husband of Patti for over 30 years. He has coached NOAH Volleyball, serving as the head coach of the JV team for five years. His daughters, Amy and Amanda, played for NOAH Volleyball. Amy played for Palm Beach Atlantic University for 4 years and graduated in 2018. Her team lost in the championship match of the NCAA D2 elite 8, in 2015!

It had been a vision of Dave's to offer a Christ-centered, family-friendly and affordable option of club volleyball for the NOAH Home School players, and to create a club that would be competitive in Tulsa. The dream came true, as Wave Volleyball Club was founded in 2014!

Dave is a past volleyball official with the GCVOA in Tulsa, and officiated Tulsa area Junior High and High School matches.

Coach Mike

Head Coach 15 Smack:
Mike Leatherland

Short Bio:
Mike Leatherland is in his fourth year with the Wave Volleyball program. He had coached for 6 years for NOAH including the last two years as the head varsity coach. Mike has been an instrumental part in elevating the NOAH program to success over the past several years and wishes to bring his skill-set to the Wave family. His love for the game began in high school while playing in local leagues and through college intramurals. Mike is a Christian coach whose ultimate purpose through coaching is to use volleyball as a tool in challenging players to grow in their faith.

Mike has two children and has been married for over 20 years. His daughter, Malia, is in her Junior year, a starter at Oklahoma Baptist University for the Bison volleyball team.

Coach Derek

Head Coach 17 Smack:
Derek Bebout

Short Bio:
Derek Bebout is in his 1st season with Wave Volleyball. He is currently the Athletic Director, assistant varsity coach and JV head coach for NOAH volleyball.

Derek has been married to his wife, Amy, for 21 years. They have 4 children Connor, Owen and twin daughters, Kate and Sara, who currently play on the NOAH Jaguars Varsity team.

"I believe in Wave Volleyball and its mission to make club volleyball more accessible to girls who want to further their skills and do it in a Christ-centered environment"

Coach Molly

Head Coach 17 White:
Molly Diatte

Short Bio:
My name is Molly Diatte and I am currently a Sophomore attending Oral Roberts University, double majoring in Psychology and education. I have a huge passion for volleyball and am very excited to be a coach this upcoming season!

I played volleyball for 8 years and had the opportunity to play at ORU, but decided not to play due to a few injuries I had. Despite this, I am thrilled to step back on the court as a coach this upcoming season.

My desire is to lead a team that shows the love of Christ both on and off the court. I believe volleyball is a great way to develop our characters both physically and spiritually. This will be my first year coaching and I am looking forward to helping each and every girl on my team excel.

Coach Courtney

Head Coach 16 Smack:
Courtney Murphy

Short Bio:
Courtney Renee Murphy is my full name. I am 23 and I was born and raised here in Tulsa. I am a 2nd grade teacher at College Bound Academy Charter School, and have been playing volleyball since I was 11 or 12 years old.

I played for Union High School and Club One (for one year). After high school I played 4 years at St. Gregory’s University in Shawnee, OK. Unfortunately, they had to shut down the school at the end of 2017, which was right after my last volleyball season. I transferred to Oklahoma Wesleyan University and graduated with a Bachelors of Science in Elementary Education in May of 2018.

I love playing volleyball, and being apart of a team. This is my first year coaching, so I am excited to get back into practicing with purpose and passion!

Coach Julia

Head Coach 15 White:
Julia Delmar

Short Bio:
Julia Delmar has a passion for volleyball and the opportunities it brings. She loves that the sport allows for exponential growth in character and faith. She’s been playing the game since age 13 and hasn’t put the ball down since. Playing 5 years with NOAH and with Wave Volleyball Club at the end of her high school career. She stays involved by playing intramural and club seasons while at ORU.

Julia is currently studying social work at Oral Roberts University. She loves the idea that her workplace will become her mission-field and is excited to bring Christ wherever she goes.

Coach Alexa

Head Coach 14 Smack:
Alexa Knox

Short Bio:
My name is Alexa Knox. I played volleyball from 6th grade up until my senior year of high school. My freshman year, I suited up for varsity.

I continued playing for the varsity team throughout my high school career. I also played club ball my 13s, 14s and 15s years.

This is my first year of coaching but I am so excited! Volleyball is my passion and I look forward to helping each and every one of your girls excel in their volleyball skills.

Coach Marysia

Head Coach 14 White:
Marysia Erb

Short Bio:
Marysia is a student at TCC working on becoming a dental hygienist. She played volleyball with NOAH for 7 years and club volleyball for three years in Oklahoma. She has a love for the game of volleyball and desire to increase a players character as well as their skills.

Marysia coached our 14 Smack team last season and will be a Practice Coach during this season, as she focuses on her education.

Coach Bethany

Head Coach 13 Smack:
Bethany Donegan

Short Bio:
Bethany Donegan was the head coach for NOAH’s 14u team for two years. She played volleyball with NOAH for 5 years and played for Wave Volleyball Club for 2 years.

Bethany coached our 13 Smack team last season and will be a Practice Coach during this season, as she focuses on her education.

She is currently a student at TCC and is in the nursing program.

Coach Lorie

Practice Coach:
Lorie Donegan

Short Bio:
I have been part of volleyball for the last 10 years through 4 of my daughters' participation in the NOAH and WAVE Volleyball programs. My daughter Melody is currently a freshman playing in these two programs. I have learned much about volleyball through their practices, private lessons, and games. I really love the game of volleyball! I am looking forward to assisting the coaches during practice, as we encourage the girls to improve their skills.

I have been married to my wonderful husband, Gary, for over 37 years. Together we have enjoyed investing in our 10 children and watching them be successful in pursuing their dreams!

Coach Lauren

Practice Coach:
Lauren Rapp

Short Bio:
My name is Lauren Rapp, I am 19 years old, and I am from West Palm Beach, Florida. I am a sophomore at Oral Roberts University, studying international relations and Mandarin Chinese.

I have six years of volleyball experience, including five years of playing club volleyball and four years of high school varsity. I was able to be apart of some big tournaments, including nationals, and in my last year playing, my team was ranked number 9 in the state of Florida. Volleyball is one of my biggest passions, and I am excited to be an assistant coach!

I am looking forward to helping all the girls excel in their volleyball skills!

Coach Scott

Practice Coach:
Scott Reeves

Short Bio:
Scott Reeves has been coaching multiple sports for the last 20 years including football, basketball, soccer and volleyball. This will be his first year with Wave Volleyball Club.

He has coached for 2 years now for NOAH with the Junior High team and coached four seasons with Broken Arrow Volleyball Club.

Scott and his wife, Charlee, have four children. His daughter Raegan, currently plays for NOAH Jaguars and has played two seasons with Wave VBC.

Coach Brogan

Practice Coach:
Brogan Schneider

Short Bio:
Hi! My name's Brogan, but everyone calls me Brogs. I have loved volleyball ever since it saved me from having to take a weightlifting class in 8th grade. As soon as I learned and fell in love with the sport I went on to play club ball and school ball all through high school.

I’ve always been super athletic playing volleyball, softball, tumbling and competitive cheer! I had several volleyball scholarships when I graduated high school but decided to take a different route. Now I play beach volleyball and coed ball every chance I get and I still jump every time I see the ball hit the floor!

I'm seriously THRILLED to get the chance to coach other girls and instill the true values of a great player in them, and watch them grow in their skills throughout the season. To me, volleyball teaches you way more then how to be a good player, but how to be a good teammate in life! The skills, sportsmanship and the attitudes they learn as second nature with volleyball will help them navigate their way through life and I’m so excited I get to be a part of that! Can’t wait for this season!

Coach Peter

Practice Coach:
Peter Velet

Short Bio:
My name is Peter. Originally I'm from Europe, but to be more specific, from Russia. In my early teen years I fell in love with a game of volleyball, as my church youth group played volleyball on Sundays. As time went by, I got involved in variety of volleyball tournaments and leagues around Tulsa. With that involvement my passion and my skill grew quickly! By early 20s I was playing regularly in competitive leagues and tournaments; which included: co-ed, men's, quads and doubles on sand.

In my mid 20s, I had the previlage to coach a wide range of ages, ranging from 8 to 16 years of age, under the supervision of one of the best coaches in Tulsa area, lnna Felkins. I was an assistant coach at a Green County Volleyball Club, as well as Tulsa Volleyball Academy, where I coached with Ronaldo Pacheco, who is currently coaching volleyball at Ole Miss University.

I'm looking forward to sharing my experience, as well as to learn. Because, if one is not learning, he/she is not improving!