Mission Statement and WVB Staff

Since 2014

Mission Statement

The Mission of Wave Volleyball Club is to teach and coach volleyball players, with a Christian World View.

We would like to prepare the players to be ready to play high school volleyball by developing their volleyball skills, teaching court etiquette, playing as a team, and increasing their knowledge of the game. This club will not have coaches scream at players, or demand thousands of dollars from families. We would like to offer an affordable and fun alternative to other area clubs but still bring a high quality service.

Meet Our Staff

Coach Dave

Club Director and Coach

Email: director@wavevolleyball.net
Coach Mike

Head Coach - 15 Smack

Email: coachmike@wavevolleyball.net
Coach Derek

Head Coach - 17 Smack

Email: coachderek@wavevolleyball.net

Coach Courtney

Head Coach - 16 Smack

Email: coachcourtney@wavevolleyball.net
Coach Shianna

Head Coach - TBA

Email: coachshianna@wavevolleyball.net
Coach Alexa

Head Coach - TBA

Email: coachalexa@wavevolleyball.net
Coach Marysia

Practice Coach

Email: coachmarysia@wavevolleyball.net
Coach Bethany

Practice Coach

Email: coachbethany@wavevolleyball.net
Coach Peter

Practice Coach

Email: coachalexa@wavevolleyball.net